AA-ISP Ask An Expert: Q&A Answer to Working from Home Tips

CJ Webster @insidesalemagic

CJ Webster @insidesalemagic

Have a question about inside sales? Did you know the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals, Ask An Expert Q&A, is a great free resource for you to ask any quesiton you have about inside sales. You can ask questions about ratios, inside sales structures, sales tools, sales training and etc.

Recently a question was asked about working from home. Here is my response below.

I have several reps that work in a virtual environment along with their field time.

Here are some tips they have shared with me over the years.
• Treat each day like you are going into the office. This means wake, shower, get dressed…etc. I have some reps who have shared with me that they dress as if they are going into an office setting. They say it helps them get their brain into a, “this is work not home” state of mind. Another rep would do all the above, get in her car, drive to a nearby store, purchase a cola (she wasn’t a coffee drinker) and then drive home to start her work day. This was her “commute.”
• They all said they locked the door and locked themselves into their office. They prefer to limit interruptions or interference from the outside or people at home. Most say that they will not answer the door if someone knocks (even ring the doorbell) and their family members know that they are at work so they do not interrupt them.
• They don’t have a TV in their home office and if they do, they keep it off while working.
• They create a list of tasks to complete.
• They take a 60 min lunch break and return to their home office.
• They set up two 15 minute breaks. During that time they may IM, check social media…etc.
• They don’t chase emails. They focus on their list and check email sparingly. So if they are working a campaign and cold calling, they will focus solely on that activity and shut down email…etc.

I hope this helps. Working virtually can be challenging, and I believe that with the right strategy in place, it can be very rewarding for both the employee and the company.

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