In the world of sales, there is a place for you

The first quarter ends next week. How did you start the year? Are you executing on your business plan? Are you checking off those daily disciplines that increase your success? Have you taking any time during these three months of 2013 to get better? Heck, are you still in love with sales?

There is a place for you in this world of sales professionals. There is a place where people who are like minded like you meet to share ideas, discuss ways to improve, and network. Guess what? These people are sales professionals and to be specific, they are INSIDE SALES PROFESSIONALS. The American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) and their awesome chapter meetings is the place I’m talking about. The AA-ISP is an international association dedicated exclusively to advancing the profession of Inside Sales. They have chapters in cities around the world. The inside sales professionals that attend these meetings come from wide and diverse businesses. All are welcome and it is not unusual to have sales professionals from recruiting, tech companies, banking, and real estate. The experience level of the attendees will range from CEOs, entrepreneurs, Vice Presidents, Directors, and individual contributors. Everyone is there with the same goal in mind, “How can I hit my numbers and become a better sales professional.”

I recently attended the Silicon Valley Chapter meeting at LinkedIn’s headquarters in San Francisco. The room was filled to capacity and the energy was electric. The first 30 or so minutes were for networking which in itself is worth going to the meeting. The meeting also included a presentation on using social media and how it can help you limit cold calling while building a robust pipeline. If I had a video clip to play, I would play the KFC super bowl commercial when the girls says, “Game Day bucket go BOOM!” Because that what happened to my mind when they shared best practices on using social media to prospect. It didn’t stop there. They also had a panel of experts who shared their insights and revealed secrets using social media to prospect. I now have a strategy on how to use social media to take my emails and cold calls to the next level while building my pipeline with solid first appointments! (yes, I am smiling now because this is great stuff)

OK, so after reading this, your to-do is to find the AA-ISP chapter in your city and join! If you have inside sales in your company and they are not members of the AA-ISP, you need to recommend that they join ASAP. Their website is . Check it out! To be honest, I could write a post just on the awesome helpful information on this site.

I wish you the best Q1 in 2013 as you work feverishly to close as many opportunities to crush your number and earn a bonus. You are not alone. There are people who can help you increase your success in sales and there is a place for you at the table.
Good Selling, and have a great Q1 finish!

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